Welcome Dinner Party for Steph Hao

Welcome Steph to the Atomic Lab!

April 26th 2024 We’re excited to announce that Steph has joined the Atomic Lab as our newest PhD student. Steph comes from a rich background in Cell & Developmental Biology and Bioinformatics and is ready to tackle some of the most intriguing puzzles in immunology.

After achieving her MS in Bioinformatics from Johns Hopkins University and contributing to research at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute, Steph now focuses on a fascinating question: Why do some individuals have stronger and more durable immune responses to vaccines? By integrating AI tools with her expertise in genetics and biology, she aims to uncover insights that could revolutionize vaccine efficacy.

Steph is famous for her “Cat-across-the-keyboard hypothesis.” This blend of rigorous science and creative thinking makes her a perfect fit for our team.

Join us in welcoming Steph! We’re thrilled to see how her innovative approaches will contribute to our mission of deciphering the complex codes of the human immune system. Here’s to Steph and the many discoveries she will accomplish during her PhD journey!

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