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Excited about understanding how immune system prevents a disease? Interested in exploring what makes us immune to pathogens? Or just enthusiastic about robots and AI? We’re looking for people, robots, AI models, and others with passion and enthusiasm to advance human immunology


We are seeking for undergrads and PhD students with background in biology, immunology, virology, computer science, data science, bioinformatics, mathematics…

Interested students can contact Adriana with a CV and a letter of interest describing why you are interested in our work and how can you contribute to make it even better!

Lab Managers

We are looking for a person with great technical and organizational skills to help run the day-to-day things in the lab. Previous experience with high-dimensional cytometry, human immune assays, omics technologies or human organoids and infection models is a plus.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Looking for postdocs that are eager to dive into interdisciplinary work between infection and computational biology and make an impact on our understanding how to combat old and newly emerging viruses.

Computer scientists

We are looking for computer scientists and software engineers interested in contributing to the development of our free and open-source software.

Interested individuals should send their CV with the letter of interest and GitHub profile to Adriana