Data Science Symposium Novo Nordisk

Data Science For Planetary and Human Health by Novo Nordisk Foundation

June 10-12th 2024. Adriana gives presentation of Atomic lab research at the Novo Nordisk Foundation in Copenhagen

At a recent Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster symposium on Data Science and Biomedicine, Adriana presented Atomic Lab’s findings on how AI is revolutionizing vaccine evaluation and universal vaccine design against pandemic viruses.

The symposium fostered stimulating discussions on leveraging data across scientific fields and borders, with Adriana actively participating in a panel where she shared her insights and expressed optimism about the future of data sharing and collaboration.

Many thanks to organizers Alberto Santos Delgado, Lea M. Sommer, Kasper Lage, and the entire organizing committee for fostering a collaborative and forward-thinking environment and creating an informative and enjoyable event.

The event was enhanced by the exceptional talents of Eleonora Nigro, whose live illustrations of complex scientific concepts captivated the audience and added a unique dimension to the presentations.


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