We aim to understand how human immune responses mediate protection and prevent severe diseases.
Using a combination of systems immunology, infectious biology, and AI, our hope is to transform human immunology and change the way we develop vaccines.

DALL·E Systems Viral Immunology Abstractart

Systems viral immunology

Using multi-omics analysis, we are investigating new ways to elucidate the signature of protective human immunity to infectious diseases

DALL·E 2 Intelligent immune design, abstract art

Intelligent immune design

Can we predict immune responses in infectious diseases? Using AI and integrative analysis, we hope to answer this question and reveal rules underlying the outcome of immune response

DALL·E AI and immunology, abstract art

Human immunology 2.0

Can we build better models that can recapitulate human immune responses in vitro? We believe this is possible!
Using robotics and AI, w
e are engineering a model of human immune system