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Adriana Tomic

Spin Boss

As a postdoctoral fellow in the group of prof. dr. Mark M. Davis at the Institute of Immunity, Transplantation and Infection at Stanford University, Adriana developed a computational tool for the application of machine learning to biomedical datasets. During PhD generated recombinant cytomegalovirus as a live attenuated vaccine candidate at the Institute for Virology at the Hannover Medical School, under the supervision of prof. dr. Martin Messerle, and received the MHH Award for the best PhD work.

Most Famous Experiments:

Tomic Cell Paradox

If it looks like a T cells, if it has markers as a T cells, it might just be a T cell

Tomic Overnight Experiment

Results always look better in the morning

Immune Uncertainty Principle

The more data you acquire, less you know

Immune Chaos Theory

It is not the parts that are mprotant, but the entire picture

Ivan Tomic

Electron Chef

Open source researcher & hacker developing new machine learning and computational tools to advance biomedical research.

Most Famous Experiments:

Multi-parallel processing experiment

The more cores , the better

Academic FOSS Experiment

Keeping FOSS alive in academia

One-immunologist-many-questions hypothesis

Balance properly your questions

Bug Paradox

It is never the code, almost always a user

DALL·E Picasso painting style of Tardis



SIMON is the go-to member of the lab, always ready to help. However, due to being famous, hard to catch sometimes.

Most Famous Experiments:

Anything goes paradox

Prepare your data carefully

Stop me if you can experiment

When the analysis starts, SIMON can run forever

DALL·E Picasso painting style of Tardis


Bigger on the inside

Tardis is the Atomic lab’s favorite high-performing server. When we sleep Tardis keeps working, and thus might be considered the most valuable member of the lab.

Most Famous Experiments:

Freeze-in-the-middle paradox

Always freeze in the middle of the processing

One-code-many-updates hypothesis

Update one package and dependencies will fall

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