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Discover the forefront of immunological research through our active and past clinical trials, pushing the boundaries of science and medicine.

Our Approach to Clinical Research

At Atomic Laboratory, we harness advanced AI and ‘omics’ technologies to refine the precision and impact of our clinical trials focused on human immunology.

Clinical Study Design and Execution

Our clinical study designs are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of AI-driven discovery, ensuring that each trial is structured to gather high-quality, comprehensive data sets essential for building robust AI models. We prioritize the inclusion of diverse biomarkers and patient demographics to enable precise modeling of immune responses, optimizing our trial protocols for maximal efficacy and scientific rigor.

AI and Computational Methods

We deploy sophisticated AI algorithms and computational techniques to analyze and interpret complex ‘omics’ data, aiming to elucidate the intricate dynamics of immune responses. Our computational framework leverages machine learning for predictive modeling and biomarker identification, facilitating a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms and the development of predictive and personalized therapeutic strategies.

Clinical Trials Timeline

Explore the journey of our groundbreaking clinical trials, showcasing key milestones and significant outcomes achieved by ATomic Laboratory.


Inception of Atomic Laboratory

ATomic Laboratory was founded with a mission to revolutionize human immunology through advanced AI and clinical research.


Start of first major clinical trial

Our inaugural major clinical trial, the FluPRINT Study, concentrated on characterizing the immune and transcriptional responses to LAIV.


Breakthrough in vaccines imprint on immune system

Breakthrough in understanding why current vaccines are effective in some individuals but fail in others, paving the way for the development of more reliable vaccinations.


Previous Covid infection do not offer long-term protection

A study on healthcare workers suggests that previous infection with coronavirus does not provide long-term protection against Covid.


Expansion of our research facilities

Expanded our research facilities to accommodate growing clinical trials and advanced immunological experiments.


New clinical trials and datacenter facilities
Started two new clinical trials to gather additional samples and established an Artificial Intelligence datacenter factory at ATomic Laboratory.

Join Our Research Team

Postdoctoral Fellow Human Immunology

Boston, MA

Contribute to pioneering research in human immunology, focusing on immune responses to pathogens and vaccines in our Boston lab.

Research Scientists/Associates

Boston, MA

Support our diverse research initiatives by conducting experiments and data analysis in our state-of-the-art Boston facility.

Postdoctoral Fellow Systems Immunology

Boston, MA

Join our Boston team to explore complex immune system interactions using cutting-edge systems biology approaches.

Data Scientist

Boston, MA

Leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning to uncover new insights in immunology research at our Boston location.

Computational Biologist

Boston, MA

Apply computational techniques to biological datasets, helping to solve complex problems in immunology at our Boston-based lab.

PhD students Multiple positions

Boston, MA

Embark on your doctoral journey with a focus on immunology, joining multiple research projects in our dynamic Boston team.

Join Our Research Journey

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