Systems Cytomics - IWBMA2023 Boston

Exciting times ahead as we gear up for IWBMA (International Workshop on BioManufacturing Automation) at Boston University this June 12-14, 2023, where Atomic Lab will present our groundbreaking research on a robotic AI platform developed in collaboration with the DAMP Lab at Boston University!

Join us at IWBMA 2023, as we showcase our progress in creating an innovative robotic AI platform to deepen our understanding of human adaptive immunity. Our ultimate goal is to provide long-term protection against infectious diseases.

A special thanks to the DAMP Lab for their unwavering support in making this project a reality! We’re eager to share our vision and research findings during the talk this Tuesday, June 13th at IWBMA. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness groundbreaking advancements in robotic AI platforms and their impact on the future of immunology!

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