CEIRR Computational Modeling Core

Presentation at CEIRR Computational Modeling Core

March 20th 2024. Atomic Lab Takes the Virtual Stage at CEIRR CMC Seminar Series! 🎤💻

We just wrapped up a fantastic virtual seminar with the CEIRR Computational Modeling Core. Big thanks to Professor Cobey’s lab at UChicago for the invite. We were thrilled to dive deep into the nuts and bolts of our AI-driven platform, discussing how it’s turbocharging the discovery of human immune memory responses.

Our session, “Powerful AI Software Accelerating the Discovery of Human Immune Memory Responses,” not only showcased our latest and greatest in computational wizardry but also sparked some lively methodological musings and A+ questions from the audience.

We’re excited about the connections made and the future collaborations that bubbled up during the discussions. A huge shoutout to the CEIRR-CMC team for hosting us!

Here’s to many more seminars where we can continue to share, learn, and maybe even debug some code together. Until next time, keep those algorithms humming and the data flowing!

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