The Atomic Lab is officially opening at Boston University in the fall 2022. We’re looking for people to join the lab and are interested in PhD students, research assistants, postdocs, computer scientists, data scientists with background – or passion and enthusiasm to learn – human immunology, omics technologies, ex vivo infection models, organoids, AI, big data, and integrative analysis.

The available projects are:

(1) systems-level analysis (wet and dry lab) of human immune responses to influenza virus and SARS-CoV-2

(2) development of novel high-throughput technologies for unbiased discovery of human memory responses
*** you will get to work with robots ***

(3) development of novel computational approaches to identify signatures of protective immunity

Alternatively, if you have a keen interest in our open-source projects and you’d like to be part of the team,  please contact us as well.

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