Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Invited seminar at Icahn School of Medicine

February 27th 2024. Big Thanks to the Microbiology Department at Icahn School of Medicine!

We at Atomic Lab are thrilled to have had the opportunity to engage with world leaders in the flu field during our recent visit to the Icahn School of Medicine. A big thank you to Adolfo, Florian, Ana, and both Saras – Sara El Zahed and Sara Cuadrado, for enriching discussions and a warm welcome.

Special appreciation goes to Sara El Zahed for extending the invitation. The vibrant research environment and the insightful exchanges were truly inspiring. This visit has opened up exciting avenues for future collaboration, particularly in our ongoing work on flu vaccines in children.

We look forward to a bright future of shared discoveries and collaborations with the Icahn School of Medicine’s Microbiology Department.

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