Systems Viral Immunology: Data driven approaches to decipher viral-host interplay

This Systems Viral Immunology Topic, led by Adriana Tomic in Frontiers in Virology, explores how systems-level approaches can help identify essential pathways in host immune responses to viral infections. By understanding these mechanisms, we can potentially develop novel antiviral therapies and next-generation vaccines. The topic will cover various sub-areas, including ‘omics’ and systems-level analyses of host immune responses, systems virology methods, and computational tools for data analysis. Further, contributions to quantitative methods, such as mathematical, statistical, and machine learning modeling, will also be considered. The research aims to offer insights into immunity factors, reveal viral-host interactions, and identify biomarkers that can predict disease severity or protective immunity, ultimately contributing to enhanced antiviral strategies.

Manuscript Submission Deadline 30 June 2023

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