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Hariri Institute Junior Faculty Fellow Award Ceremony

Adriana Tomic has been honored as a Junior Faculty Fellow at the Hariri Institute for Computing, Boston University, becoming a prominent part of the prestigious 2023 cohort of Hariri Fellows.

This recognition validates not just Adriana’s achievements as a systems immunologist, but also shines a light on the pioneering work we undertake at the Atomic Lab. Our pursuit of rational vaccine design is propelled by leveraging AI and other computational tools, with the overarching goal of combating infectious diseases and pandemic viruses.

We look forward to the many new collaboration opportunities with Hariri fellows. We firmly believe that this achievement serves to deepen our collective commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in computational science, all in order to create better vaccines and save lives globally.

We extend our hearty congratulations to Adriana, and to the entire team at Atomic Lab. Here’s to the thrilling journey that lies ahead and the significant work we will undoubtedly continue to achieve.

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