Vaccine Congress in Glasgow

Atomic lab presented its research on how AI can revolutionize vaccine development at the 17th Vaccine Congress in Glasgow! Many thanks for the invitation and opportunity to present our research to the organisers, Danny Altmann and Greg Poland. Proud to be a part of this global drive to combat infectious diseases and find better ways to design smarter vaccines! 

This platform not only allowed us to share our findings but also fostered an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration, which we believe is the cornerstone of effective innovation. The real highlight was the opportunity to connect with leaders, enthusiasts, and practitioners.

We found these interactions to be incredibly inspiring and affirm our belief in the power of combined efforts. This meeting emphasized that by collaboratively utilizing science, technology, and immunology, we can create strategic solutions to combat pandemic viruses.

At Atomic Lab, we are excited for future opportunities that enable us to forge similar connections and together, redefine pandemic prevention.

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