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Opentron Atomic robot

T-BOT arrived

March 2024. Meet T-BOT, the Newest Whiz in the Atomic Lab Family! 🤖

Say hello to T-BOT, our new pipetting robot who’s joining the Atomic Lab crew to dive deeper, faster, and better into the T cell world than any immunologist before him! Equipped to handle our most ambitious T cell assays yet, T-BOT is already proving to be an invaluable member of our family.

We’re thrilled to be pushing the boundaries of immunology, thanks to the brilliant collaboration with the DAMP lab and their crucial support through the Pump Priming Award. This partnership is fueling our ‘Systems Cytomics’ project, a high-throughput robotic platform combined with AI that’s set to revolutionize how we study adaptive immune responses.

A massive shoutout to Rita Chen and the entire team at DAMP lab—Cathie, Doug, Courtney, and everyone involved. Your dedication and hard work are what make groundbreaking projects like this possible. We can’t wait to showcase what T-BOT and our teams have achieved together.

Here’s to T-BOT and the fantastic synergy between Atomic and DAMP labs—may this be just the beginning of many more innovative adventures in immunology! 🔬🧬

Check out our project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJduGqnEgas

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