Atomic lab get together

Welcome Victoria

January 15th – March 15th 2024. Welcome Victoria!

We’ve had an incredible couple of months here at Atomic Lab, hosting Victoria Hunszinger all the way from Germany! Under the brilliant supervision of Konstantin Sparrer, whose lab is doing groundbreaking work in the field of innate immunity, Victoria has been diving deep into applying AI to supercharge her research. 🧬🤖

We’re buzzing with excitement about the potential breakthroughs that will come from using our SIMON platform and other tools on Victoria’s project. Her work, which explores the interplay between innate immunity and viruses, is not only fascinating but also critical for advancing our understanding of how to better defend against pathogens.

Victoria, your presence has energized our team, and it’s been amazing to share knowledge and ideas with you. We can’t wait to see all the incredible insights you’ll uncover!

Here’s to many more successful collaborations and pushing the boundaries of human immunology together! 🌍🔬

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