Atomic lab get together

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Atomic Christmas 2023

December 19th 2023. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Atomic Christmas 2023

As we gather around the glow of festive lights and the warmth of good cheer, we at Atomic Lab are thrilled to radiate our excitement for the groundbreaking strides we’ve made this year in human immunology and vaccine development.

This holiday season, we also share a bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to Margot, who has completed her electrifying rotation with us. Margot, your innovative findings have really energized our team, and it’s hard to let such a positive force go. 🌟

Raising our beakers in a toast, we reflect on our atomic achievements and are positively charged about the discoveries waiting to unfold in the New Year.

From all the protons, neutrons, and electrons at Atomic Lab, we wish you a Merry Atomic Christmas and a New Year brimming with breakthroughs!

Here’s to a future that continues to spark curiosity and innovation! 🥂

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